Food Suppliers


Caterers Responsibility

Caterers play a pivotal role in ensuring food safety at events and gatherings. Their responsibility extends beyond culinary expertise to maintaining impeccable hygiene standards, proper food storage, and safe handling practices. By adhering to these essential guidelines, caterers prioritize the well-being of their clients and guests, delivering not only delectable dishes but also peace of mind in terms of food safety.

Key Steps For Allergen safety

Safeguarding every student’s well-being is paramount. Our allergen safety guide empowers school food suppliers to navigate allergens conscientiously. By prioritizing awareness, emergency preparedness, and transparent communication, caterers become essential partners in creating a safe and inclusive dining experience for all students, ensuring their health and happiness.

Infant Formula

Prioritize infant health with our guide to safe formula preparation in early learning centers. Follow these essential steps to ensure the well-being of our youngest learners. Your dedication to safe practices fosters a nurturing environment where every child can thrive

Infant Formula

Use our guide on safe formula storage to create a secure environment for the well-being of our littlest ones. Your commitment to safe storage ensures a healthy start for every child.

Infant Feeding

A lot of care and preparation is required as infants transition to solid food. Your thoughtful approach lays the foundation for a lifetime of balanced nutrition for the happy, growing toddlers under your care.

Food Groups & Their Key Nutrients

Our program classifies food into six major groups, with water for hydration. We also have a group of hyperapalatable foods, which need to be limited for consumption.

Healthy Plate

A healthy plate is one which contains all the food groups in ideal proportions. Remember, fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins and diary are all important parts of the meal.  Also, remember to provide students with lots of water during and in between meals

Baking Substitutions

Substitutions are a great way to make your meal healthier without affecting the quality or taste of the food. Try these substitutions for a much healthier version of your meal.