Health & Education

Nutrition Essentials For Teachers

Educating teachers about proper nutrition not only ensures the well-being of students but also promotes a healthier learning environment. By equipping educators with essential knowledge, we empower them to make informed food choices, set positive examples, and prioritize the health and safety of the next generation.

Common Nutritional Challenges

Discover prevalent nutritional challenges that many face daily. Explore solutions for healthier eating and improved well – being.

Nutrient Sources

Explore Nutrient Sources to uncover the building blocks of a healthier you through insights on balanced diets, supplements, and mindful choices.

Kitchen Garden

Welcome to Kitchen Garden, Grow fresh, grow safe with our expert tips and resources for your homegrown produce.

Food Allergies & Dietary Restrictions

Explore our resources for managing food allergies and dietary restrictions, ensuring safe and enjoyable dining experiences tailored to your needs.


Primary Plans

Our primary plans for food safety are designed to ensure the highest standards in food handling and preparation. Through rigorous training, regular inspections, and strict adherence to hygiene practices, we prioritize the safety of every meal served, protecting the health of our community.


Secondary Plans

As a backup to our primary plans, we maintain a robust contingency strategy. These secondary plans come into action in case of unexpected events, ensuring that we can swiftly respond to any food safety concerns and maintain our commitment to providing safe, quality food.


Resources and Checklists

Child’s Food Allergy Information Form

This template can be used to collect information on any allergies or intolerances present in the infant. Make sure you collect this information through this or a similar form for all infants under your care.

Feeding Instructions for Infants

Download, customise and use this template for receiving and documenting instructions from parents on feeding individual infants. Make sure food provided by parents is labelled with date and name of the infant.

School Food Business Checklist

Schools can have a ‘Junior Audit Team’, consisting of students and headed by a school staff to ‘audit’ food safety and nutrition of the school canteens or food suppliers. Use the checklist here to score the food businesses operated in your school.